Some Luck


The holidays have put me in a panic and my blog posts are struggling. While I’ve been running around doing all this stuff I’ve been frantically listening to audio books, so yay! I just finished Some Luck by Jane Smiley who I LOVE. Like literally, I was reading a book where she wrote the preface and thought well ok, I must buy this book for everyone I know. If Jane Smiley endorses it, it’s gold to me. (The book was Family Furnishings by Alice Munro in case you were wondering.)

Some Luck was amazing. I read somewhere (I’ll find it and put it at the end*) that said Jane Smiley wanted to write a book in every possible theme. This is her trilogy. Some Luck is book one. I kept wanting to read it but I committed myself when the third book came out. If all three books are out, I will commit. I have a love/hate relationship with reading a series that is not finished. I don’t like waiting for the other books to come out so I much prefer when they’re all available for me to whip right through. I have started book two, Early Warning, in this one already.

Some Luck follows a farm family in Iowa, Rosanna and Walter Langdon, with their 5 kids. I assume book two will then follow the kids and their lives and so on. Amazing.

*Article: Smiley set out to write a novel in every literary genre: romance, comedy, epic and tragedy. Now the best-selling author is taking on another literary tradition — the trilogy.


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