Goodreads Challenge 2015

I can’t believe it’s almost NYE 2015. Goodreads reminded me this morning, 2015 is OVER. Luckily it also said something positive, You completed your Goodreads Challenge! I put down 200 books because I thought that sounded legit and then ended up reading 305. Let me clarify, I put most all books I read on there. Because I order books for our children’s department when they come I read them all so I know how to hand them off to kids. This means I could read 20 picture books while sitting at the desk. Those count. Which means for my Goodreads Challenge 2016 I may have to up my number a bit. I went back through all 300 books I read and decided which 3 were the best of the my year (not necessarily published this year but read by me this year). Side note, it took me about an hour to pick 3 books and I was really upset that I couldn’t pick 10 or 20 because narrowing down to 3 was hard. But I loved going through them all because when you read as much as I do, you forget what you read. “Oh right, that was a good book!” was said out loud a lot.


Monty’s Magnificent Mane by Gemma O’Neill. I picked this book because I love her illustrations. I follow her on Facebook and sometimes she sells them. They are SO beautiful. I prefer her other book, Oh Dear, Geoffery! because I love giraffes but Monty was just as beautiful. Mainly chosen for the illustrations and not necessarily the story.


Forest Feast by Erin Gleesen is an amazing and simple cookbook. I’m not a good cook and it’s hard to be a vegetarian sometimes. I really liked this and her mix of real photos and illustrations was lovely.


I think my favorite adult book was Maine by Courtney J. Sullivan. There were so many but I just loved all the characters in Maine. And the setting immediately made me Google Maine and I’m definitely going to make a trip there once it’s not covered in snow. Just looking at the woman on the cover makes me envious. I did really like Some Luck by Jane Smiley as well, however I don’t like that it’s a trilogy.

There are SO many more I could have chosen. Just look through all my blog posts if you need other ideas.



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