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Sunny Side Up


I picked up this book because it was written by the same lady who does the Babymouse series and those are super popular at my library. Sunny is sent on “vacation” to visit her Grandpa in Florida. She’s stuck at a retirement home type community and doesn’t know what her parents sent her there for the summer. Luckily she finds another kid named Buzz who is obsessed with comic books. However, she’d still rather be at home.  Eventually she finds out why she was sent down south away from her family. Did she do something wrong? A great graphic novel for those who liked Smile or Drama by Raina Telgemeier.


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American Housewife: stories


American Housewife: stories by Helen Ellis is an amazing short story collection. I loved it so much. My favorites were actually a compilation of lists / suggestions titled, “Southern Lady Code” and “How to be a Grown-ass Lady” which both had me laughing out loud. Like snorting, loudly. Helen Ellis is so funny and I recommend this to any woman, married or not. There is also a chapter about book clubs, so it would make a great book club book if only just to discuss that hilarious chapter. I leave you with some suggestions on “How to be a Grown-ass Lady”

  • Don’t bite your cuticles.
  • Don’t sit on a toilet in front of anyone, ever.
  • If your husband wants a bigger TV, for heaven’s sake let him have it.
  • Accept it: you’re too old to drink more than one drink and sleep through the night.
  • Face it: you’re never going to get carded again, so quit asking bouncers if they want to see your ID.
  • Quit going to places where they have bouncers.


2016 Reading Challenge: a book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy (as long as we have the same sense of humor)


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Bulletin Blue Ribbons 2015

We get the Bulletin here at my library. And while its very plain and simple in its packaging I expected their website to be a little more jazzy than just plain text. They put out their Blue Ribbon winners recently and I attached their brochure because it’s a little more exciting to look at, but not my much. I love a good best of list and so I had to put it here, if only for my own reference.

I’ve read Listen, Slowly by (review to come) and Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. I’ve also read most, almost all, of the picture books including Marilyn’s Monster by Michelle Knudsen. If you need another list to consult when choosing your next read, this is a good one to consider.

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Sorcerer to the Crown

sorcerer_front mech.indd

I read this book because of Book Riot: All the Books Podcast. A lot of books I’ve checked out lately have been due to these two moderating redheads.

It’s about Zacarias, the Sorcerer Royal of England, and his new apprentice Prunella. Women are not meant to be magicians and Zacharias goes against a lot of rules to attain her as his apprentice even though she has no interest at first in becoming a magician. She wants money and to get married. She’s really not as gold digger as that sounds but it’s true in the beginning. What happens once she becomes his apprentice and is put out into society is a whole other story and is the delight of this book.

I did enjoy it, but the language was really hard to get into. I kept comparing it to A Discovery of Witches which I loved. Not sure I’d suggest it to someone unless I knew they loved fantasy and wanted to invest in a series. It does have great character dynamics and diversity which is why (I think) it’s being written up a lot.

NPR review

2016 Reading Challenge: a book set in Europe



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Babies Need Words


One of the wonderful blogs I read, The Show Me Librarian, had a post today that’s part of the Babies Need Words Every Day campaign by ALSC. Her post is part of a blog tour talking about how important this campaign is and what we can do to help bridge the 30 million word gap, which I talked about a long time ago in this post and more recently in this post. Please follow this link if you’re interested in reading every post on the blog tour!

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Be a Friend

I wrote the other day about how excited I was for Be a Friend by Salina Yoon. Then today I came across this post she did about the book on Nerdy Book Club. Read it! Oh, and there’s a video.

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Newbery & Caldecott 2015

book  book

These are the major winners that I look forward to. The awards were announced at ALA Midwinter which was in Boston but unfortunately they announce them at 8am and there was no way I was going to make it in to the city that early. I did have some friends that went though so I can live vicariously through them.

This year a picture book, Last Stop on Market Street, won the Newbery (which is very uncommon) and Finding Winnie won the Caldecott award. Thankfully, my library has both books. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, like last year with Crossover. I remember almost skipping over Finding Winnie because we had just ordered another book about Winnie the Pooh that I thought was the same book. It’s just called Winnie and is also very beautifully illustrated in case you want to check it out.


I must also say, I read a lot of book blogs and a lot of them were confused by the Newbery choice. Although the award is given to books age appropriate for 0-14 it is not typically given to a picture book. And by not typically, I mean not ever. Not since I’ve been alive anyway. So there’s that.


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