Sorcerer to the Crown

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I read this book because of Book Riot: All the Books Podcast. A lot of books I’ve checked out lately have been due to these two moderating redheads.

It’s about Zacarias, the Sorcerer Royal of England, and his new apprentice Prunella. Women are not meant to be magicians and Zacharias goes against a lot of rules to attain her as his apprentice even though she has no interest at first in becoming a magician. She wants money and to get married. She’s really not as gold digger as that sounds but it’s true in the beginning. What happens once she becomes his apprentice and is put out into society is a whole other story and is the delight of this book.

I did enjoy it, but the language was really hard to get into. I kept comparing it to A Discovery of Witches which I loved. Not sure I’d suggest it to someone unless I knew they loved fantasy and wanted to invest in a series. It does have great character dynamics and diversity which is why (I think) it’s being written up a lot.

NPR review

2016 Reading Challenge: a book set in Europe




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