American Housewife: stories


American Housewife: stories by Helen Ellis is an amazing short story collection. I loved it so much. My favorites were actually a compilation of lists / suggestions titled, “Southern Lady Code” and “How to be a Grown-ass Lady” which both had me laughing out loud. Like snorting, loudly. Helen Ellis is so funny and I recommend this to any woman, married or not. There is also a chapter about book clubs, so it would make a great book club book if only just to discuss that hilarious chapter. I leave you with some suggestions on “How to be a Grown-ass Lady”

  • Don’t bite your cuticles.
  • Don’t sit on a toilet in front of anyone, ever.
  • If your husband wants a bigger TV, for heaven’s sake let him have it.
  • Accept it: you’re too old to drink more than one drink and sleep through the night.
  • Face it: you’re never going to get carded again, so quit asking bouncers if they want to see your ID.
  • Quit going to places where they have bouncers.


2016 Reading Challenge: a book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy (as long as we have the same sense of humor)



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