Not just books!

Libraries aren’t just books anymore! I started reading this article just to see what other libraries were circulating and lo and behold, Millis, Massachusetts is mentioned!

“At Millis Public Library, patrons can check out items including binoculars, board games, sewing machines, pedometers, cake pans, metal detectors and even ukuleles (the latter is one of the library’s most popular items, according to Lent). For the sake of simplicity, every item (book or otherwise) at Millis Public Library carries a two-week lending period and a 10 cent per day late fee.”

Awesome! At our library we have daycare kits that include books, a craft and sometimes a little puppet centered on a theme (usually holidays or seasons), we’re also implementing cake pan rentals, and we have two American girl dolls and a LEGO set that can be checked out! Very exciting things. Check out your local library and see what they have. I can almost guarantee they have something more than just books.


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