Everyone Loves to be Read to

This should come as no surprise. EVERYONE LOVES TO BE READ TO! It doesn’t matter how old you are, a good read aloud can brighten anyone’s day. I’m about to leave my 20s and I still love when people read to me. This article talks about so many great things and shows why reading to your kids is important even after they can read independently. Here’es one thing in the article I found particularly meaningful.

-A child’s listening level is higher than his reading level.

This means you can read books to him that s/he would enjoy that they couldn’t read on their own. I remember my dad reading Johnny Tremain to me when I was little, way before my comprehension for the text would have been (the AR level for Johnny Tremain is 5.9 – 5th grade 9th month of school). Him reading it out loud had such an impact on me that I still remember it today, probably 20 years later.



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5 responses to “Everyone Loves to be Read to

  1. no1librarian

    My husband reads to me and I love it.

  2. One of my favourite things to do is read story books to my children. Even if it’s been a bad day it’s a great way to end the day more calmly with them.

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