These Shallow Graves

I picked this book up after reading a quick review post on Kiss the Book. Side note, Kiss the Book is a great review site that has an immediate recommendation in the title of each post and extra information in the actual post that helps with ordering i.e. violence, swears, and sexuality in the book. The reviewer for These Shallow Graves marked it as essential for high school collections. It’s marked as a PG-13 book on all accounts (44 swears, violence & mature content). Since I’m an adult I figured that’d be okay but take it with a grain of salt if you’re suggesting it to someone else.

Jo Montford’s father is dead. How he died is up for debate throughout most of the book. First, it was an accidental gun cleaning then a suicide then a murder! Jo makes friends with a reporter who works at her father’s newspaper and together they try and figure out what happened to her father. They soon realize they’re mixed up in a much bigger story than that of her father. I almost stopped when it became a love triangle but that wasn’t even really a big deal as far as plot goes so I let it go and pressed on. Thankfully! Because I enjoyed it very much. I loved that the chapters were short (on average 5-8 pages). It made reading it go by quickly. When you’re laying in bed reading it’s much easier to commit to reading one more chapter when it’s only 6 pages rather than a lengthy 20. I even got my husband in on it and had him read to me in the car on our way home one day. He’s a big fan of the short chapters. While it is somewhat obvious who the killer / bad guys were it’s not explained why / how until the end and I liked that. Highly recommended.

2016 Reading Challenge: a murder mystery


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