Parent Teacher books

I read two great books this morning that we belong in our Parent Teacher section of the library. This section encompasses a lot of things. Death, emotions, new baby, separation (going to school fits in here), moving, and much more. Books like these make me happy I don’t have kids that I have to explain these hard topics to. Sometimes I can barely explain them to myself. The two I read this morning are about death and moving away.


Always Remember by Cece Meng is about Old Turtle who swims his last swim and breathes his last breath and is then take away by the waves. That’s how it starts out.Then the book goes on to show all the people he helped and their memories of him. Old Turtle will always be remembered by all the animals in the sea for his good deeds and his good heart. We could all hope to be remembered as such. A great way to explain and talk about loss. What memories do you have of those who are gone?


Before I Leave by Jessixa Bagley is about moving away. Like death, it’s also a hard thing for kids to grasp. Hedgehog, never named in the story but one of her moving boxes says Zelda, is moving away. She tells her friend the aardvark, also never named but his letter to Zelda says Aaron, that she’s moving. They’re both very sad but they decide to play one last time as though nothing was changing. At the end Zelda does move away but when she opens her suitcase Aaron has left her a note and some pictures so he doesn’t feel as far away. They become pen pals, something kids probably don’t even know about *REAL LETTERS*, and this seems to satisfy her. I’m not sure that ending will satisfy all kids but it is a nice book.


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