Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Now that you’ve seen the trailer of the movie, let’s talk about the book. When Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children first came out I looked at the pictures inside and thought, this is a scary book. I don’t do scary books. I am easily frightened and consider movies like Shutter Island and Seven to be terrifying, much to the chagrin of my spouse. Thankfully, this is not a scary book and once I saw the Tim Burton trailer I knew I would want to see the movie and should read the book beforehand. I read it in a week, which isn’t bad.

Jacob’s grandfather has died. He thinks it was a monster in the woods. Obviously his family then thinks he’s crazy. But all Jacob’s life his grandfather told him fantastical stories about monsters and peculiar children from his childhood so it could be true. He’s not sure. Until he deciphers his grandfather’s last words and takes a trip to a mysterious island.

I liked the mystery surrounding the place where these peculiar children live. It was explained well considering the craziness. If you don’t think it’s crazy, try to explain it to someone who hasn’t read it. I’m interested to see how they explain it in the movies since there won’t be words on a page to help form the idea. All in all a good book. I probably won’t continue the series until I see the movie and the next one is released. Too much to read.

2016 Reading Challenge: a book that’s becoming a movie this year


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