John Adams by McCullough


I had visitors here from Texas this weekend and we had a great time going in to the city and walking the Freedom Trail! It was very timely considering I just finished listening to John Adams by David McCullough. I had started listening to 1776 because I was misinformed. I thought 1776 was the book that John Adams the HBO series was based on. Turns out it was based on John Adams. Shocking, since they have the same name. *slaps head* This one is wonderful and won the Pulitzer in 2002.

Anyway, I loved walking around Boston seeing lots of the buildings and places that were talked about during the time John Adams lived. I also genuinely loved the audio narrator, Edward Herrmann (grandfather of Rory Gilmore, may he rest in peace). I will admit, I listened to the abridged version. I’m a bad person and wanted to sum it up in 9 DISCS instead of 26. Oy.

I am now going to listen to the biography of Abigail Adams by Woody Holton OR a biography of both of them such as First Family by Joseph J. Ellis or Abigail and John by Edith B. Gelles. Suggestions on which is best? It may just come down to getting whichever is available at my library..

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2016 Reading Challenge: a New York Times bestseller

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One response to “John Adams by McCullough

  1. no1librarian

    I started listening to Abigail Adams by Holton and disc 2 was completely messed up. #audiobookfail

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