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Books You Can’t Miss

Goodreads has been on point lately with their suggestions. Here are some great books that I marked “to-read” for the future.

Let’s start with two big ones.


Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. She SHOT to fame with The Husband’s Secret (<-my review) and continued with Big Little Lies (<- my review – which will be a movie soon!). Can’t wait for her this next one. Release date 7.26.2016


Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. I adore Jodi Picoult. I’ve seen her speak 3 times and I personally asked her a question at ALA in Cali. I know some people can’t handle her books because they’re always controversial and typically somewhat sad. But I love them. I haven’t loved her most recent ones as much as I did her old ones so I’m hesitant to say this one will be amazing BUT how could it not. I wish she would’ve kept the original title though, Living Color. Release date 10.11.2016


Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. Everyone LOVES Ann Patchett. Seriously. She came to my old library to speak and she was so lovely. I also love that she has an independent bookstore in Nashville, Parnassus Books. It is my goal to visit that bookstore someday. Release date 9.13.2016


The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close. I haven’t read anything by Jennifer Close but I know tons of people who have and love her i.e. Girls in White Dresses. I love the premise of this, I love D.C. and I love politics. I think it sounds super and I will definitely be giving it a try. Release date 7.19.2016


Last but not least, Winning by Lara Deloza. I am not familiar with this author and it was suggested to me somehow through the Goodreads algorithm. Maybe from Dumplin’? But it sounds sooo good. “House of Cards meets Election in this wickedly entertaining story about an uber-ambitious high school junior.” Be still my heart. And, if you click the link in the title up there you can enter yourself for a free copy through a Goodreads Giveway. Release date 6.28.2016


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Maddie on Things


Let me tell you about this adorable book, Maddie on Things. The dog’s name is Maddie. And she stands on things. That’s it. It’s a book of photographs of this adorable dog that stands on the most ridiculous things. I heard about it on a blog I read, Iowa Girl Eats. Which is an amazing food blog btw. Her son, who is 3(?) looks at the pictures and cracks up. It would be the best book for kids. Such a great conversation starter.Questions you could ask include…

What is Maddie standing on? Could you do that? (probably not the best question for dangerous photos, because there are some)

Is that silly? Why do you think she did that?

Is she hungry?

Is she a farmer? What kind of animals live on a farm?

IT IS THE CUTEST! Check it out asap. My favorite photo is below. I may or may not have previously stuck my dog in the fridge just like this..


2016 Reading Challenge: a book about a road trip

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Libraries Need Help

Every other day there’s a new article about how libraries are going to become non-existent. Now, I don’t believe this is true, but I do believe that less people are using them and it makes me sad. Another thing I believe to be true is this (from this article),

“Ninety percent of U.S. local libraries offer ebook lending, for instance, but 38 percent of Americans either don’t know or don’t think that their local branch does so.”

I posted a photo of the Star Wars move the other day, the day after it came out. It was the blu-ray DVD from the library. It had 48 likes. I’m not a serious Facebook fanatic but 48 likes for me is a lot. Not only that I had tons of comments about how my own friends, people who know I work at a library, didn’t think libraries had new movies. Whaaaat? Seriously? Of course we do. So I find it unsurprising that 38% of people don’t know we have ebook lending. What if they did?? Would all these articles about libraries falling into the gutter stop being written? I doubt it, but there might be more articles about how libraries are amazing if we were better at publicizing our materials / offerings.

Now, I’m not in marketing. In fact, I know nothing about marketing. I’m a Children’s librarian. And I’m not saying that those who work in marketing for libraries are doing a bad job. I’m just saying, we need help.

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A Little Life


This book. THIS BOOK. When you read this book, you need a sponsor. Do not attempt to read this book alone without anyone to text or call when things get bad. Because they WILL get bad. Imagine how bad you think they can get and times that by 100. When I was halfway through the book and thought it couldn’t get any worse I read this sentence.

“Later, when things got bad, I would wonder what I could have said or done.”


It is a horrible horrible book that you can’t stop reading. Having said that, the writing is wonderful. It is 800+ pages (paperback version) and you must read every.single.word on Yanagihara flips back and forth in time in the middle of what seems like nothing and if you aren’t paying attention you could miss something major. Someone dies, freaking dies, in the middle of a paragraph. No warning, nothing.

It is psychotic and compelling. I had literal hives and heart palpitations through about 500 pages. I would never suggest someone else read it unless I know them. Since I don’t know you, I can’t suggest you read it. But if you do, you won’t be able to put it down or forget it.

Disclaimer: there are triggers of every kind. Drugs, cutting, suicide, sexual abuse. If you have any problems reading about these things, do not read this book.

2016 Reading Challenge: a book that’s more than 600 pages


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Girl on the Train Trailer

I was preparing to write a post on my review of A Little Life but I need more time. It is 800 pages after all, it needs some thought. Luckily, I came across the movie trailer for Girl on the Train (my review of the book here). So that will have to do for now.

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Raymie Nightingale

Kate DiCamillo is famous. Everyone in the children’s book world knows her. And if they don’t, they should. In 2001 her book, Because of Winn Dixie was a Newbery Honor winner and was then made into a movie in 2005. The Tale of Despereaux won the Newbery in 2004 and was subsequently made into a movie in 2008. (Note to author’s everywhere, it apparently takes 4 years for books to be made into movies.) In 2014 she won the Newbery again for Flora & Ulysses and was the Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. From what I can tell, this book is not being made into a movie and I’m not shocked. If you read that my review of that book you’ll know that I didn’t really like it. I said, “Not my favorite of Ms DiCamillo. Cute but weird. Quirky. Almost stopped reading it after a bit.”

This review will be fairly similar. It was not my favorite. Let me tell you what my favorite is so you know that I do actually have a favorite. It’s not like I just hate on everything DiCamillo has written. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is my favorite (2006). In fact, I may re-read it just to convince myself that I do actually like Kate DiCamillo’s books.


Moving on, Raymie Nightingale. I would put this book in the middle grade section. I would suggest age 10+. She writes with easy to read sentences and quick plot lines for each chapter. Saving a cat, learning baton, sneaking out at night. Some of the topics of contention for younger kids might be the euthanization of pets, parents who run off with other people that are not their spouse and parents that abuse their kids. What what? Ok so I’ll stop blabbering. My Goodreads review was rather abrupt and to the point.

“Kate DiCamillo has become a serious weirdo with her last two books. The squirrel one especially. This one is at least sort of normal.”



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BFG the Movie

More books into movies! And this one is directed by Steven Spielberg. How can you go wrong?

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