Love, Loss & What We Ate


I really liked this book. I had no idea who this woman was. I don’t watch Top Chef and I’m not in on the model world. I randomly heard her talking (I think on The View of all things) about how she was married to Salman Rushdie and I was like, SALMAN RUSHDIE? THE SALMAN RUSHDIE? How can that be? Who the heck are YOU? So I put the book on hold. And surprise, it’s actually very well written. I was hooked immediately, mainly because she starts talking about her marriage to Salman on page one (good strategy Padma).

I also enjoyed, which seems like a weird word to describe it, her talk about endometriosis. My mom has endometriosis and not a lot of women know they do or talk about it so I was fascinated to read about her story and how it effected her life. (She also talks about it on The View here).

It was a great read, I salute you.
2016 Reading Challenge: an autobiography


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