Libraries Need Help

Every other day there’s a new article about how libraries are going to become non-existent. Now, I don’t believe this is true, but I do believe that less people are using them and it makes me sad. Another thing I believe to be true is this (from this article),

“Ninety percent of U.S. local libraries offer ebook lending, for instance, but 38 percent of Americans either don’t know or don’t think that their local branch does so.”

I posted a photo of the Star Wars move the other day, the day after it came out. It was the blu-ray DVD from the library. It had 48 likes. I’m not a serious Facebook fanatic but 48 likes for me is a lot. Not only that I had tons of comments about how my own friends, people who know I work at a library, didn’t think libraries had new movies. Whaaaat? Seriously? Of course we do. So I find it unsurprising that 38% of people don’t know we have ebook lending. What if they did?? Would all these articles about libraries falling into the gutter stop being written? I doubt it, but there might be more articles about how libraries are amazing if we were better at publicizing our materials / offerings.

Now, I’m not in marketing. In fact, I know nothing about marketing. I’m a Children’s librarian. And I’m not saying that those who work in marketing for libraries are doing a bad job. I’m just saying, we need help.


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