Take Me Seriously

Sometimes I think Children’s librarians aren’t taken seriously. Actually, most of the time they’re not taken seriously. I know this because I am one. In the same way, Children’s literature often isn’t taken seriously either. A few years ago there was a big ‘ol debate about how young adult books should not be read by adults. Remember that? If you don’t go back and read these posts.

YA Not for Adults? <- the beginning of it all, what an idiot

“Against YA” backlash” <- people agreeing with me that she’s a big idiot

Adults who Read YA and Young Adult is for Everyone

So! Along those same lines. Now that we’ve (hopefully) successfully spoke out against those who think YA shouldn’t be read by adults  we’re speaking out against those who don’t read or take Children’s literature seriously.

Check out this article and join the conversation.


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