Libraries have that!

Remember the other day when I said libraries need help? We have so many things that people don’t know about! USA Today is aware of this and they have a great article titled, Beyond Books: Eight things you may not know about libraries. It is a great article, and thank you USA Today for helping us get the word out. I’m quickly going to say, my library has almost all of these 8 things. Please check out your local library, they probably have these things as well!

  1. E-reading and apps. We have that.
  2. Beyond Books. Non-traditional check outs like cake pans (we have), instruments, seed libraries (we have) and so much more!
  3. Activities for children. Obviously we have that or I wouldn’t be employed. Bring on the Summer Reading Program.
  4. A great resource for teens. We have that too. And we’re actually hiring for a teen librarian so if you need a job as one let me know in the comments and I’ll whip over the application for you.
  5. Personal gym. Now my current library doesn’t have this BUT my previous library did. A treadmill. In the library. Talk about amazing.
  6. 3D printers, gaming and more. We’ve got the gaming and the more and one of my previous libraries had a 3D printer. My libraries are on top of it y’all!
  7. Services and support plus tax help. While we don’t offer direct tax help we do have the forms. We definitely offer resume help and English as a Second Language classes and tutoring.
  8. Netflix and Amazon in one. We have Hoopla. Woot!

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  1. Clay

    My Library has the Melrose Center. A Giant Tech Center with full Recording Studio, Sound Booths, Editing Rooms, Photo Lab, Fabrication Center, and Video Studio with Green screen! And its free for card holders, barring some tests you gotta take. I wrote about it a month or so ago its nuts.

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