Eligible : a modern retelling


I love Pride & Prejudice. I could probably quote all of the Keira Knightley movie. While I know others love the Colin Firth version the most, I have never seen it. This book, Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld, re-energized my love for P&P and I immediately figured out which streaming service I needed to utilize in order to watch the Colin Firth version. If you don’t like P&P, that’s fine too. You will still love Eligible. It is hilarious. I listened to some of it on audio and was laughing out loud in my car. Don’t read this book if you have a full bladder. You will pee your pants. USA Today calls it “wickedly entertaining” and I must agree. Since I know the story of P&P I feel like I may have enjoyed it a bit more than someone who may not be familiar with the novel Jane Austen lays out in the 1813 version only because I was waiting for the other shoe to drop on some of the story lines. I highly recommend reading this.

Disclaimer: If you look it up on Goodreads it looks like it’s in a series. It’s not, but sort of. The modern retellings of Austen’s work have been since 2013 and they put them all under a series. I will definitely be going back to read the others but I want to read the real Austen versions first. Here are links to the retellings just in case you have a different Austen book that you love.

Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope

Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid

Emma by Alexander McCall Smith

2016 Reading Challenge : a book and its prequel (we’re calling P&P by Austen this book’s prequel) :):)



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