I love Goodreads y’all. Love it. Except when I hate it. The two times I hate it are as follows:

1. When I can’t mark a book read in different editions. Hardcover, paperback, this is especially true with audio. Sometimes I listen to a book and then I also read it and I want to mark it twice. Why can’t I do that, Goodreads? Huh? Or why oh why can’t I mark it more than once? If I read a book multiple times shouldn’t I be able to mark it read multiple times? But no. You either read it or you didn’t. It doesn’t matter how many times. GAH!

2. When I start reading something and then stop but have every intention of finishing. Right now, I’m currently reading those books —-> yes those ones over there on my widget. But let’s just make note that I’ve been “reading” All the Light we Cannot See for like 2 years. Not really, but you get my drift. I wish there was a way to say that to the community. I started this book and I really love it and I will finish it, probably the next time I go on vacation and need an airplane book, which is how I was reading it the first time.. whew. I wish Goodreads had that kind of shelf.

Other books I’m currently “reading”

11.22.63 by Steven King – I started reading this one because I wanted to watch the Hulu miniseries with James Franco. But then I started watching it and I did NOT like it. So perhaps I won’t actually finish this book..

The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee – this one has been lost in my pile of books somewhere and I’m not at a super compelling part that’s calling me back. There are those parts, I’m just not at one. But I will finish gosh darn it.


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