Armchair BEA Day 3

Today’s topic of discussion is the besttttttttt.


  • Beyond the traditional form of the novel, what are your favorite alternative forms (graphic novels, audiobooks, etc)? Do you have any favorite works within these alternate forms? How do you think the changing format affects the reading experience? If you’ve even read a day of this blog you’ll know how much I love audiobooks. I specifically adore Jim Dale. Is he married? I wonder.. Anyway, I think audiobooks are the best. I have one going in my car at all times. Currently, I have The Selection by Kiera Cass. I haven’t read YA in so long and I’m hating it all. Yesterday, I finished Titans by Leila Meacham. Review of that to come. Do I have any favorites within the form, sure. I loved Night Circus, I feel like I talk about it constantly. I loved the All Souls trilogy (Discovery of Witches). I love those two so much that practically every two years I listen to them again. The readers are so amazing. Jennifer Ikeda is the audiobook reader of All Souls in case you want to follow her also. As far as the format affecting the reading, I think that depends on the person. I definitely think the reader can make all the difference in whether or not I like a book no matter how awesome it is. I can usually tell after one or two tracks if I’m going to stick with it. Even if the story is compelling, if I can’t handle the person’s voice, then it’s a no-go. In that way I think it affects the experience but I don’t think the actual story is changed. I’ve read and listened to DOW and Night Circus and I love them both equally both ways. I’m going to have to go read other Armchair BEA posts on this topic and see what they think.

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