Selection series by Cass


Welcome to the Selection! Let me tell you about all the ridiculous enjoyment I received from reading these books. After reading A Little Life, the most depressing book ever written, I knew I needed something fluffy. You can’t get any more fluffy than this series. It is a marriage of the Bachelor and the Hunger Games.

The first 3 books are about America Singer, a girl in a future America called Illéa. The prince of the country is coming of age and in order to find a wife he participates in a selection process where 35 girls are sent to the castle for him to choose from (hello, Bachelor!). The citizens of Illéa are broken into castes and there’s some unrest (hello, Hunger Games!). While it’s hard to explain books 4 & 5 without giving any major plot points away let me say that they are the same concept but reversed, a princess is participating in the selection.

I liked these books a lot. They were quick and painless. I love the covers and all the talk about dresses. The fashion in them is awesome. While I completely forgot how angsty teen books can be I powered through and I’m glad I did.

2016 Reading Challenge: a romance set in the future



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