The Good Wife


No no, not the t.v. show (although I love the t.v. show). The Good Wife by Stewart O’Nan is the story of a woman’s life. I’d never heard of Stewart O’Nan, sorry Stewart. I found this audiobook randomly because I needed a new one. I was drawn to it because of the title. It’s a simple story of a woman’s life that starts with a phone call. Patti is pregnant and waiting up for her husband to come home from a night out. She gets a call from him in the wee hours of the morning. He’s in jail. And not for something little, an old lady has been murdered. The book spins it as though her husband, Tommy, is innocent and his cohort is the guilty one. The other guy pleads out and only gets 5 years probation whereas Tommy gets 25 years. Did I mention Patti is pregnant? She gives birth to a boy. Tommy isn’t there. He isn’t there when he goes to school or graduates or gets his first job. He’s in jail. Can you imagine? Having a child that you’ve basically never met outside of a visiting room? It’s a hard thing to think about. The book follows Patti’s life and how she handles being a single mother, trying to figure out money & how to keep her family together. I enjoyed it but I kept waiting for something to happen. It’s a very simple book about a good woman’s life. No drama. Well, except for the prison part I suppose.


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