American Heiress


I got this book as an ARC at ALA a million years ago. No seriously, a million years ago. This book came out in 2011. I’m just now getting around to reading it and I’m sad it took me so long because I’m enjoying it so much. I love the time of corsets and fancy dresses for every hour of the day. Cora Cash (pun intended?) is an American heiress to a flour, not flower, fortune. Her mother sends her to Europe after her coming out party because she wants her daughter to have a legitimate title. She ironically meets a Duke after falling off her horse on a hunt and is soon married to him and becomes the Duchess of Wareham. There is a mystery but it moves slowly and I kept waiting for the shoe to drop. More of a slow and steady kind of plot.

Fun fact : the UK version of this book is titled My Last Duchess.


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