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Siracusa by Delia Ephron


I haven’t had a lot of time to read recently because I started a new job. This one I’m going to stay at awhile because it’s a manager position. I did make time for this book though. Delia Ephron is sister to Nora Ephron who is amazing. She is also the screenwriter of You’ve Got Mail, one of my favorite movies, and a producer of Sleepless in Seattle, also up there on the favorites scale. I mean seriously, what an amazing woman. This book is set in Italy, Siracusa to be exact, where there are two couples and a daughter on vacation together. Enter the weird dynamics. They are talking about the vacation as if it is in the past so you are reliving their memories of it while also getting some current day opinions in hindsight. Each character is represented so there are multiple POVs, a style that will appeal to Liane Moriarty fans. Highly recommended as a summer read.

Oh and also, I just got a Kindle Paperwhite and it’s amazing. I read this book on it and was immediately in love.


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Enchanted Islands

This book was part of the Book of the Month in June. I don’t personally participate in BotM but I always see what they’re offering and put the books I want to read on hold. Because.. I’m poor and that’s how poor people do it. Anyyyyway, that’s neither here nor there.


Enchanted Islands was one of the book choices in June and it was enjoyable. I thought it was going to be more the islands but it was actually more of an exploration into the main characters relationship with her childhood friend and her arranged marriage. It was one of those slow moving books that builds characters where not a lot happens. Then, when the climax on the island does happen it’s not very exciting. It sounds like I didn’t like it but really I did. I like slow moving books sometimes. Other slow moving, but also emotionally moving, books include Housewrights and Our Souls at Night.

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The Assistants


I thought this book was super funny. I lost interest a bit of the way in but it held me to completion. I loved all the pop culture references. Tina and I are about the same age and have the same issue : college loans. I really identified with her plight. Especially since I’m also in a low paying career, comparatively to others. The general plot is that Tina has accidentally received a reimbursement check from her job for the almost exact amount of her student loan debt. She uses it to pay them off all the while knowing it’s wrong. Fast forward, Emily finds out and blackmails her to do it again so she can pay off her school loans. Rinse and repeat with more characters and more school loans. Soon it’s spiraled into a non-profit organization, how does that even happen?? Read to find out.

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“Why aren’t you having kids?” is a question I get asked a lot. An excessive amount actually. Among the many reasons I have there is one that can’t be talked down. The state of this world. I have no doubts my imaginary child would do whatever they could to make this world a better place because I’m awesome and therefore they would be awesome but this world is not good enough for them. They deserve better. Someone please protect all the children who are growing up with this as their world.

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I love podcasts. Love them. I stole my website art from NPR and I love that she’s reading and listening to something. I do that all.the.time. Let me tell you about two book related podcasts that I love.

All the Books!

Liberty Hardy and Rebecca Schinsky are the moderators of this podcast and they are hilarious. I love them. They also have great taste in books and such a variety of interests. I love listening to their banter. Their podcast comes out weekly, on Tuesdays, and they talk about the new releases of the week. There are hundreds of books released every week. Literally. They narrow it down and talk about the ones they loved and then also list all the others that are notable on their website.

Slate’s Audio Book Club

In contrast to All the Books!, Slate is a monthly podcast. They choose a book of the month (I’m pretty sure THEY choose it, I’ve never heard of them saying there’s a vote or somewhere to go to voice your opinion), and then they discuss it. “They” are usually 3 people who typically work for Slate and sometimes have a relation to the book’s subject. I remember the Lab Girl discussion had someone on the panel who was Slate’s science editor. Needless to say, she was not part of the conversation on Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld (my review). I don’t follow the Audio Book Club in the typical sense. I don’t run out and get the book they choose and participate. But if I see that I’ve read the book they chose that month I will definitely listen to their conversation. I’ve even gone back to previous episodes that were before I knew about the podcast and listened to those ones that are about books I read and liked. I especially enjoyed finding the one about A Little Life since I was recently obsessed (my review).

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