Enchanted Islands

This book was part of the Book of the Month in June. I don’t personally participate in BotM but I always see what they’re offering and put the books I want to read on hold. Because.. I’m poor and that’s how poor people do it. Anyyyyway, that’s neither here nor there.


Enchanted Islands was one of the book choices in June and it was enjoyable. I thought it was going to be more the islands but it was actually more of an exploration into the main characters relationship with her childhood friend and her arranged marriage. It was one of those slow moving books that builds characters where not a lot happens. Then, when the climax on the island does happen it’s not very exciting. It sounds like I didn’t like it but really I did. I like slow moving books sometimes. Other slow moving, but also emotionally moving, books include Housewrights and Our Souls at Night.


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