The Silkworm


This book is messed up y’all. J.K. Rowling has some serious multiple personalities in order to write Harry Potter and this book. The first book in the Cormoran Strike series, Cuckoo’s Calling, is nothing compared to this nonsense. An author has gone missing and his wife hires Cormoran to find him. Enter the mystery. Where is the author? Is he still alive and just hiding from his wife? Did someone kidnap him? Was he murdered? Where is this psycho. And by psycho, I mean the author. Because in this book is the author’s book and that book is disgusting. He talks about some seriously weird stuff. I was listening on audio so there wasn’t any way to skip through it or else I would have. Besides that, the book was good. The mystery was compelling. However, now that I’ve read two of these I can say with fair certainty that Galbraith wraps up the book within the last 60ish pages. There’s a whole lot of build up. Unfortunately, I won’t be reading book 3. I’m tapped out on the mystery front for now.



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