Dark Matter


Someone on SortaLiterary said to pick this up if you like 11/22/63 and What Alice Forgot. Now, I like the latter and never finished the former but was intrigued. I can tell you right now, Dark Matter is not like What Alice Forgot.

I’m not sure I’m smart enough to explain what this book is about. A lot of it was over my head but here goes. Jason, a professor in Chicago, is abducted and sent through a box to an alternate dimension. Turns out in this other dimension he is a renowned physicist.. I think it was a physicist… Anyway, he built this box that can send people to other dimensions of themselves. He explained it this way and I understood. Imagine you’re a fish in a pond. You think the pond is your whole work but what you don’t know is beyond that sky above you is another dimension and another pond. This box takes you outside your pond to other places. Every decision you make takes you down a different path or to a different pond in this case. And that’s as close as I got to understanding how the box works. So Jason gets sent to this alternate dimension and the whole of the book is him figuring out why he’s there and how to get back to HIS dimension with his wife and his son, who don’t exist.

I didn’t care for the ending, but my friend did. I’d love to discuss it in the comments if / when you read it.


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