The Flight of Gemma Hardy



I just finished The Flight of Gemma Hardy. I don’t think I liked it. The woman reading it was the same woman who read The Miniaturist. It took me awhile to get over that. In retrospect it’s rather ironic because the main character in The Miniaturist is named Nella and one of the main characters in Gemma Hardy is named Nell. I digress.

This is supposedly a re-telling of Jane Eyre. Whatever that means. I haven’t read Jane Eyre in awhile but I can say that I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed this. Gemma runs away. All the time. I guess I should’ve realized that since the title implies she chooses flight over fight. Thank God she ends up with the Mr. Rochester character at the end. Although I don’t know why I wanted her to, their relationship is so weird. I guess I’m glad I read it because I’ve owned it for like 5 years and moved it to just as many houses. Now I can give it away to someone else.8


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