The Mothers


This book is on a lot of the “best of the year” book lists – which are coming out slowly now that fall book season is in full swing. I’ll have to gather some of those together..

Anyway, this book is a debut. It was very very good. Especially for a first novel. I read it while I was traveling home and my dad asked me what it was about and I wasn’t sure how to describe it. On the surface it’s about a girl who gets pregnant by the pastors son and has an abortion. But really that’s not it. That happens in the first 30 pages? I was reading an advanced copy on my Kindle so I’m really not sure how many pages in it happens but it seemed very quick. The book is about the reprucussions of that decision for her (the pregnant girl), the pastor’s son, their parents, the church, the town, etc. I find multiple POV novels to be amazing and page turning and this  novel is no different. It was a great book to get me out of my reading slump.

Don’t trust me, read the buzz : New York Times, Washington Post, Vogue, The Guardian


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