Victoria by Daisy Goodwin


I received Victoria through Netgalley. If you don’t belong to that website you should go there now and sign up. I requested it because I read and really liked The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin. Her books covers are absolutely gorgeous, no? I saw the real book at B&N the other day and there’s a little blurb under the author’s name that says “Author of the New York Times bestseller The American Heiress and creator / writer of the Masterpiece presentation on PBS.” I thought they were referring to The American Heiress being a Masterpiece presentation but after a bit of Googling it would seem that Victoria is actually the one being put on PBS so I’m glad I finished and enjoyed it! It’s unfortunate that the timeslot is on Sundays when football is also on. I will probably have to watch it after the fact.

So, the book. Victoria is made queen almost immediately. Perhaps on page 30. The rest of the book is about her trying to make her way through all the pomp and circumstance that being a queen requires. This is a time when only men are in the court, in places of power and definitely only men have ruled the country. She is an anomaly. She enlists the help of the, at the time, Prime Minister Lord Melbourne. What follows is how her years as queen play out. There’s also a lot of her blossoming love with Albert. Most everything I knew about Victoria going into this was about her and Albert’s love. I heard a fact once that after he died she laid out a new set of his clothes every night before she went to bed. As if he would wake up the next day and put them on and everything would be fine. She also wore black for the entirety of her life after his death. Amazing.


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