February BOTM

February was my second month doing Book of the Month Club and it was a kicker!


I was a little concerned about the rest of my months when I had no real desire to read any of the January choices. I had picked something random that I thought I could easily pawn off on a friend if I never got around to reading it. Really exciting.. But then! I saw February’s choices. I did not have to do the extensive research I did the last month, but I did, because I was basically drawn to them all. So I needed the ratings and reviews in order to narrow my choice down. Quick reminder, BOTM has you pick one book from the chosen 5 but you can then add up to two more of your choice for $9.99 each if you can’t possibly choose just one. Guess who had three books in her box this month?? Me. My choice for the box ended up being Pachinko by Min Jin Lee (review below) and I added Behind Her Eyes and The Animators. I chose Pachinko because the guest judge on BOTM is Alexander Chee. He of the Queen of the Night phenomenon. Click that link btw, I adore the illustrated photo the New York Times had commissioned for the book review. I ordered a copy for my friend, a copy of the piece of art – not the book, that’s how much I love it. I digress, I chose Pachinko. I’m reading it now and it is great. Moving on. I also chose Behind Her Eyes because in an episode of the All the Books podcast Liberty Hardy, who reads for a living, said that even she had no idea where the ending was going. Are you kidding?? Sign me up! The Animators was also in that podcast episode but Rebecca Schinsky talked about it and I found it compelling. Not as much as the other two but enough to pay ten bucks. Sooo, long story short, stayed tuned for book reviews!

Behind Her Eyes review

Pachinko review



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