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In the Woods by Tana French


I was in a reading desert you guys. I hadn’t finished a book in months. I think I’m coming out of it. I just finished In the Woods by Tana French. I’ve seen this book roam around my peripheral at the library for years (released in 2007) and always wanted to pick it up but never did. Probably because, I am not a mystery reader. Especially cozy mysteries. This is not a cozy mystery but just as a side note, what on Earth is the point of reading a book if you immediately know who did it? Woof. I sometimes enjoy a good thriller where you have no idea what the hell is going on. Like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn or The Good Girl by Mary Kubica, or all those other books that came out and had girl in the title. This book also fills the bill.

This book centers around two murders. One happened 20 years ago and involves the main character, Rob Ryan. The other happened in the same town and revolves around a 12 year old girl. They are compelling and I wasn’t quite sure who did it until more than half way through and even then I didn’t know why. Warning : Do not read this if you like endings that are tied up with a pretty bow. I enjoyed it enough, but I’m not sure I’ll continue the series. However, one thing I like about the series is that each subsequent book follows a different main character. Which doesn’t really make it a typical series. All books could technically stand alone. Interesting.

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It’s almost July, so I thought I should post about my June BOTM before I get a new one.


At the suggestion of Jessica Turner, who heads up the blog The Mom Creative, I chose The Sisters Chase. The judge of this book is also Liberty Hardy, who I love from the All the Books podcast. Whom? Who? Whatever. I also added the book, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo because that cover is gorgeous and it sounded good. I just started The Sister Chase, and from what I’ve heard will probably finish quickly. Just in time for July.

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The Heirs by Susan Reiger


I picked up The Heirs because I liked Susan Reiger’s previous book, The Divorce Papers. I loved the style of that book. It was written in divorce paperwork and emails along with notes and memorandums. It helped the book go by quickly and enjoyably because you’re not suffering through pages of explanation on something that’s not important. The Heirs is not like this. I liked this book better than her first one, which is uncommon for me. Usually I love an author’s first book and think the second one is lesser. This one though, amazing. Although it’s different than her first, I liked the style of The Heirs because I like multiple POVs and sometimes the POVs she chooses are characters you didn’t even think you were important. That person? Why are we in his head? And then a shoe drops. Perfect book with just the right amount of confusion. Loved! For those of you who think it might be a chick lit book, here are reviews from Kirkus and NPR. They do not star chick lit books. I promise. Great book club book. Quick summary below also.

Six months after Rupert Falkes dies, leaving a grieving widow and five adult sons, an unknown woman sues his estate, claiming she had two sons by him. The Falkes brothers are pitched into turmoil, at once missing their father and feeling betrayed by him.

Starred review from Kirkus

Review from NPR

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Hello May BOTM. Is it June? Why yes it is. I’m behind. Per usual. I chose Since We Fell because Dennis Lehane is a library trustee at the Boston Public Library. I like his books and thought it would be a good choice. However, I immediately lent it to a friend and haven’t seen it since. I will eventually get it back but I have nothing to report on it as of right now.

I also added two other books that weren’t May selections but were ad ons.


Into the Water by Paula Hawkins is the first book she’s written after the Gone Girl phenomenon. Immediately after I ordered my BOTM box I heard from friends on Facebook that this book is confusing and has too many characters. Needs a list of those involved so you can keep track. What?? Annoying. I haven’t picked it up because of that.


I added The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy because I love the cover. Honestly.  Wouldn’t it make the best front door? I also added it because I’ve had The God of Small Things for like a decade (it won the Booker Prize in 1997 so she must be a good author) and never read it so I figured why not add her next one to the pile?


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April BOTM


I chose Startup for my April Book of the Month.  I swear I wrote about it because I remember looking for Doree’s podcast. But alas, I can find no such post. I heard about this book while reading a post Doree and her husband wrote for a blog I read called Cup of Jo. It was about their struggle with infertility. Not until the end of the post did I see that she had recently wrote a book and I did not put it together with Book of the Month choice until it arrived read the author flap. Apparently it was meant to be and I had no idea. Startup has multiple POVs and is about a startup company and a journalist and how they intersect with all the characters. I haven’t read it yet because I’m horrible, but I will post when I do!

Side note, I have American War on my Kindle which is why I didn’t add that to my box. I’ve heard great things!

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Hiatus + Duels & Deception

Oh my God. It’s almost been a month since I posted. A MONTH! Let me tell you why. I went back to my old job. Back in July of last year I said something in this post about how I was going to stay at my last job a long time because it was a manager position. Well, I’m eating my words. And that’s all I’ll say about that. So let’s move on to something I’ve read. Because beyond picture books I’ve only finished one book. Which again, what is wrong with me.


I saw this book on a review and put it on hold because I remember reading a review about her first book, Love, Lies & Spies. I think I even have it on my Kindle. Anyway, I just finished and it was good! Sort of a teen romance, there is no kissing, just lost of Victorian era pining. Lydia Whitfield, an heir to her family fortune, is kidnapped along with her solicitor (i.e. lawyer) Robert Newton. That’s not a spoiler, it happens almost immediately. What follows is minimal blackmail with a who-done-it mystery and her and Robert trying to figure out how to keep the public from realizing they spent a night alone without the company of chaperones. Gasp! It was cute and quick with some side stories that kept it from feeling trite. Recommended!

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