Airplane Reading

I love traveling. I love reading. I love airplanes. I love traveling on airplanes while I’m reading (previous posts on flying and reading here and here).


I read this book on an airplane a few weeks ago. It was very good. And quick! I picked it up because I loved the author’s first book, We Were Liars. It was a great book. However, I did a bad thing and couldn’t handle the suspense when I was reading it and skipped ahead and completely spoiled the twist. I did not do that this time. Thankfully. But I didn’t really need to skip because this is not a “who done it” it is a “why done it” (thanks All the Books for that phrase).

It starts out with the who done it and you move on backwards in time and find out why. I liked the twists and turns a lot but it turns out my dog likes it more. He ate it. I took a snap of it and can’t find a photo but needless to say I had to buy a replacement copy.


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