Lit Chat 1


I am so excited for this. Last year, my parents (hey dad!) bought me the Lit Chat deck of cards that Book Riot made. “Conversation starters about books and life.” What’s not to love?? There are 50 cards with 2 prompts on a card, equaling 100 conversations. I don’t often have people over who love books as much as I do so it’s not something I would whip out at a party BUT, I thought it would be a great place to chat about here. So in my planner (side note : I’ve resolved to use a planner this year – this is the one I chose and I got it at Michael’s because most of them are sold out online) I wrote the questions from one card for each week. I skipped last week, and I’ll skip another at some point, which will use all 50 cards throughout the year. Here is this week’s card.

What do you love most about books? What’s your preferred reading style. Paperbacks? Hardcovers? Ebooks? How do you choose?

I love books! I think the better question would be what don’t I love about books?? I guess the two things I love the most are that it takes you out of your life for a minute and you can experience a different life and I also love that you can learn new things. My answer to preferred reading style is easy. Paperbacks. Always. My best friend loves hardcovers. Always. And she’s a weirdo. Paperbacks are superior. They’re not heavy even at 800 pages, they fit in your purse, and I loooooove breaking the spine. I fold my pages back around the whole of the book and sometimes even dog ear them. I know, blasphemy. I’m one of those people. I’m not opposed to ebooks like some people are but I also don’t seek them out as my preferred reading style. I definitely get them if that’s the way I can get the book the fastest i.e. it’s so popular the hardcover has me on the hold list at #352 and I also get them when they’re an Amazon daily deal. Also, I get tons of pre-pub ebooks through Netgalley, which is mainly what I read in that format. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I adore it. My husband goes to bed way earlier than I do so the Paperwhite was life changing for night time reading because it meant I could be in bed in the dark and not disturb him. Overall though, I’ll read in any format. The question didn’t even mention audiobooks, but I do those too. I’m in the car for about an hour a day so I can shoot through those pretty quickly. Lit Chat 1, complete! Tell me your answers!



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