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Lit Chat 10

I haven’t Lit Chatted in awhile! So here we go.

If you could be in a literary relationship who / where / what book?

I LOVE the All Souls trilogy. The first book is Discovery of Witches. I would most definitely be in a relationship in that book. I would be friends with Diana or BE Diana and be with Matthew. I love it. He’s possessive, yes, but it’s okay. I’d deal. It’s also a book I re-read every year in October for a real time reading i.e. the day the events are happening in the book is the day you read that chapter(s). This book is also a book I would love to see turned into a movie and IT IS! It’s becoming a tv series in England, hopefully coming to the US next year. So many feels towards this book.

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The Ensemble


I can’t stop looking at this cover. It is so beautiful. The best. I received this book from Netgalley and had to check out the real copy because I wanted to see the cover in person. I should find the artist and see if I can buy a print..

Well anyway. The book is just as good as the cover y’all. SO great! I loved it. I finished it in a day. I loved the characters and the slow burn of their lives in the quartet. (I like books with a slow burn and minimal climaxes). I can’t say that I understand a lot about chamber music but the writing felt very lyrical when she was talking about their music. If you know anything about violins or cellos, you might get more out of those parts and enjoy it even more. Such a great book. Multiple POVs. Fast read! I also LOVED this section about love.

“Love is inexact, Henry said. It is not a science. It is barely a noun. It means one thing to one person, and one thing to another. It means one thing to one person at one point and then something else at another point. It doesn’t make sense… I love you, it’s a mystery. Because it’s a mystery, we have to take care of it. Feed it. It can’t go missing, but we can’t tie it up. We can only tie it to someone else. Other people. The the world is like this : full of the geometry of my rope tied to you, and to you, and yours tied to him, and to her, and hers to someone else. I love you, it’s a mystery.”

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Sleeping Giants

Finished! I liked it. A girl falls into a giant crater with and lands in a huge iron hand. Twenty years later she’s working to figure out what this hand is, what it connects to and how Earth can use it. It’s written in interviews, notes and paperwork which makes reading quick. I like how Neuvel still figures out a way to have you get inside the characters heads even though its not first person. It was very interesting. I would definitely finish the other two (if I didn’t have so many other things to read) and I may still. I have books two and three, because the whole trilogy has been released, so maybe I’ll go back and finish.

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Reading now..

I’m reading so many things right now. I wish I had a photo of my TBR pile. You’d faint. Most of them I haven’t even opened. But, the ones I’m currently 100+ pages into are..

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel. I thought I was going to use this book for BookRiot 2018 Read Harder Challenge science fiction book by a female author with a female lead but alas, Sylvain is a man. Damn him! It is a trilogy, and the third book just came out so I feel good about starting it. I hate starting trilogies that aren’t complete and then having to wait. Like Scythe. WHY?!

My Lady Jane is written by lots of people. I’m listening to this on audio and it is hi-lar-ious. The reader is so funny and really goes all out with her dramatic reading. I think I would like this less if I wasn’t listening to it, it needs the voices. I find the story to be hilarious and I can’t wait to read more about Jane Grey afterwards to see what’s really true. Because (shocker) I’m not aware of this part of England’s history. I picked this up because I want to read the second in this series, although not really a series because they stories don’t continue with the same characters. I have a feeling I’ll like the second one even more, My Plain Jane, because it’s about Jane Eyre. And I actually know that story. Very well actually.


These last two I haven’t started yet. But I heard about them on Tuesday’s All the Books. They came out this past Tuesday. And they sound great. Visible Empire is about a real historical event in Georgia where 100 prominent individuals died and that aftermath. We are Gathered is about a wedding from the perspective of the guests. I love weddings and multiple POVs so I think that’s a guaranteed win.

Last, I have The President is Missing. I’m not sure there’s ever been a James Patterson book where the second author’s name is the same size as his. That’s all I’m saying.

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Clock Dance by Anne Tyler

I requested Clock Dance from Netgalley *bows thanks to Netgalley*

I confuse Anne Tyler and Ann Patchett sometimes. Is that weird? Not because their writing is similar, but because their names get mixed up in my head. And then half way through I’m like, this is not like her. And then I realize I’m thinking of the wrong author.

Anyway. The beginning of this book felt like Some Luck by Jane Smiley, which I love! You are following a character quickly through time and jumping decades. She’s just a slow burn, moving through the decades without dramatic plots or events.  So at first I was thinking, this is going to be great. But then, there was a semi-dramatic plot event. And that’s where the book focused. I didn’t even like the plot twist. It seemed so unusual. However, I like how Willa grew as a character and that she ended up finding herself and what she wanted without other’s influence. Along with Jane Smiley, I’d say it’s also similar to Stewart O’Nan or Kent Haruf.

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