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A large part of my job (and my favorite part) is reader’s advisory. Reader’s advisory is when a patron asks, What should I read next?  Follow up questions include, do you like fiction/nonfiction? What’s your favorite genre? What’s your favorite book of all time? What did you like about that book? Luckily for me, I don’t have to read every book ever published to answer the(se) question(s).

If you’d like me to do reader’s advisory for you (I am awesome at it), it costs $10. OR you can check out these links to great booklists.

This first line are my own booklists from pinterest:

adult books, young adult books, children’s books & books to-read

Board books for Babies & Toddlers

Top 100 Children’s Books of ALL TIME

30 Books about being Different

75 Books that Build Character

Cure your Hunger Games Fix

List of Juvenile Series by author & title (in numerical order) I use this ALL the freaking time. Literally once a day, i.e. “Miss Jennifer I need book 12 in the Magic Tree House, what’s it called?”

Lastly, your typical What to Read Next book generators. Better for adults (typically more well-read than children) who know what they want to read & can determine their next choice through summaries & comparisons.

What Should I Read Next?

Your Next Read

Taste Kid

Listopia (from Goodreads)


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  1. Hi, are you available for book reviews?

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