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The Proposal

In The Proposal, Nikole Peterson gets proposed to on TV at an LA Dodgers baseball game. She didn’t even want to be there and she definitely doesn’t want to marry the guy who’s proposing. Carlos (sidekick in the romance The Wedding Date by the same author) and his sister are also at the game and decide to rescue the poor girl before she can be interviewed by every news outlet available. Cue the music. Even though neither Nik or Carlos wants a serious relationship they end up getting one anyway. I’m also pleased to see that there’s a book 3 coming out as well with connecting characters. These books are great semi spicy, but not embarrassing, romances.

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Saga series

A long time ago my husband was reading the infamous Saga graphic novel series. I just happened to open to a page I did not like and immediately decided I didn’t want to read them. But thennnnn, I got bored at work and I decided to make a go of it. So I did and it was great. I powered through all NINE VOLUMES in a few days.

Basically, it’s in another world. There are lots of planets and one planet is in a fight with it’s moon.The people with horns live on the moon and the people with wings live on the planet (or maybe it’s the other way around). They can’t decimate one without ruining the orbit of the other. So they bring in other plants to fight with them and for them. Long story short, a horned guy falls in love with a winged girl and they make a baby. No one thought trans species babies were possible. So NOW, they want this baby to die. If it gets out that winged and horned people can be friends, and God forbid love each other, the war might be over and everyone knows war means money. That’s the basic premise. And it’s good and so wonderfully imagined and illustrated.

Highly recommend if you like graphic novels or fantasy stories.


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Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners


I love Christmas. Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners is a great subtle Christmas book. Similar to Seven Days of Us, it takes place over Christmas but isn’t really about Christmas. Violet Baumgartner is the matriarch of her family and she takes it very seriously. She is one of those helicopter moms, even though her only daughter is now 30 something. Cerise, the daughter, is about to start her own family – and this is where things get funny. I thought it was a great story with more humor than drama. I liked it a lot and would suggest it over one of those days you’re stuck at home with your family over the holidays.

I received this book from Netgalley.

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Dumplin’ Trailer

I’m missing in action. It’s the holidays. My apologies. Watch this wonderful trailer of a book I loved (review here).


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Time’s Convert

I went to an author event for Time’s Convert, the next book in the All Souls world. Harkness said she didn’t want it to be called that because she doesn’t want to have to feel obligated to continue writing in that world. However, that’s what it is. Same characters, same world. I was under the assumption that the story would only be based on Marcus and his past but no! Happily, we also read the story of Phoebe’s transformation to a vampire and there is a story line that follows Diana and Matthew and the 2 year old twins as well. Hooray! I’m half way through and I’m really enjoying it.

If you’re on the waiting list for this book and need your fix of DOW, it’s the time of year for the real time reading of book one. You can read details on my blog post here. But basically, When events in the book happen on September 27 you read the chapters that correspond with those events on that day in 2018. It’s great. We’re only on chapter 13 so you have time to catch up. Here’s a great printable calendar with the dates (perhaps the wrong days of the week) and what chapters to read when.


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Grave Mercy

I tried to read this book back in 2012. I don’t remember how far I made it. This time I finished and I enjoyed it a lot. Ismae is a daughter of Death and is sent to the high court to find out who is betraying the Queen – and kill them. They have “the mark” and this gives her permission to kill them. She has an unwanted accomplice though, Duval. Romance ensues while looking for Death and betrayal. She’s basically a 15th century female James Bond in France. I do not like that book 2 & 3 are narrated by other characters and I probably won’t finish the trilogy. This stands alone very well on it’s own.

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Mary Poppins Returns

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