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Origin by Dan Brown


I finished my book. The one I was so excited about. Origin by Dan Brown. And it was good! But maybe not worth the excitement level of a squee! I apparently forgot my annoyance at the Inferno book, which I talk about in my blog post. And he did not spend the first five chapters explaining how people were not infertile. So that’s annoying. Way to follow-up. This book is just as far fetched as the others. Obviously. That is the Dan Brown M-O.

Langdon’s friend, Edmond Kirsch, has been murdered right before his world wide presentation on where we came from and where we are going. Thus begins the journey to broadcast the presentation with the help of his female sidekick, the soon-to-be Queen of Spain. The do this via the assistance of an artificial intelligence computer named Winston. Spoiler alert, Winston is bad and technology is taking over the world.

I liked most of the book but since I was listening to it I found some phrases to be repetitive. Perhaps I hadn’t noticed before that he does this but when you’re listening to every single word and can’t skim it becomes more apparently when he overuses certain phrases. For example, Winston, the computer has an artificial awkward laugh. So every time Winston laughs Brown says, he laughed awkwardly. Yes, I get it. He has an awkward laugh. You don’t have to tell me every.single.time. Aside from that, I liked the plot and I love Robert Langdon. It was enjoyable and if there is a sixth book I will read it as well.


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I read this book with my husband’s cousin (he’s a sci-fi fan) after I saw the movie trailer. I could see this turning into an interesting series. I can’t really tell you what it’s about other than four women go into a place known as Area X to deliver back information on what is there. There are lots of weird plants and creepy creatures and things. I’m glad it’s being made into a movie because it would make a much better movie / tv show. Some of the scenes are begging to be played out visually. I will continue reading the other two in the trilogy. I think. Book two in a series is always the worst and I often end up never finishing..

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Annihilation Movie

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Real Time Reading


I am doing the real time reading of Discovery of Witches. It is very nerdy. Let me tell you about it. The events in the novel take place from September 18 to Halloween in 2009. The author, Deborah Harkness, in her infinite wisdom set up a real time read along of the book. When events in the book happen on September 27 you read the chapters that correspond with those events on that day in 2017. It’s great. Not only that, she has a free Kindle book with photos from the places that inspired the book’s settings and a real calendar with each day written out. I have now put them all on my Google calendar and I will be reading it every year with this read along.

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever discovered. Other books that use specific dates and timelines should follow suit.

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Airplane Reading

I love traveling. I love reading. I love airplanes. I love traveling on airplanes while I’m reading (previous posts on flying and reading here and here).


I read this book on an airplane a few weeks ago. It was very good. And quick! I picked it up because I loved the author’s first book, We Were Liars. It was a great book. However, I did a bad thing and couldn’t handle the suspense when I was reading it and skipped ahead and completely spoiled the twist. I did not do that this time. Thankfully. But I didn’t really need to skip because this is not a “who done it” it is a “why done it” (thanks All the Books for that phrase).

It starts out with the who done it and you move on backwards in time and find out why. I liked the twists and turns a lot but it turns out my dog likes it more. He ate it. I took a snap of it and can’t find a photo but needless to say I had to buy a replacement copy.

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Joan Ashby


I have finished The Resurrection of Joan Ashby. It is 544 pages and / or 20 hours on audio. I bought it with my Audible subscription and then ended up reading the last 2 hours of it because it was only 53 book pages. Honestly, two HOURS equals 53 pages? Seriously?? But that’s a rant for another day..

I found this book intriguing because there are lots of stories within the story. The main story is about Joan Ashby, an author, who gets married and has two kids. Her whole life leading up to that she spoke openly about not wanting either of those things : no marriage, no kids. I found this interesting because I always say I don’t want kids and I was talking to a high school friend last week and she said that she always thought I didn’t want to get married either. But here I am, married. Still no kids. I wanted to hear Joan’s point of view. She had them and she loved them. However, it ruined her career. Not just having the kids but the actual kids themselves ruined her career. I can’t say that would happen to me because I’m a librarian however, I always tell people that if I had kids I’d be worried I wouldn’t enjoy my job as much. I am a children’s librarian. I find kids entertaining. This is because I see them full of joy at my storytimes or playing in my library’s play space that I built (via grant). I don’t see them kicking and screaming. And I feel like, if I had to go home to my own kids I wouldn’t want to see more kids at work. All day. Every day. God help me.

Anyway, lots of stories within the story. Because Joan Ashby is a writer there will be parts of the book where you read her works. Her short stories, parts of her novel. The book opens with some interviews and articles written about her. I liked this a lot. I did not like Part 3, it went on way too long. Overall it was enjoyable and I would recommend it to those who like character driven novels that move slowly without lots of action. Think John Irving or Kent Haruf.

Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge : a book set in a hotel (Part 3 at least)

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I’m so excited for Origin by Dan Brown. I already have it pre-ordered.


I’ve been relatively silent because I’m working through The Resurrection of Joan Ashby. Very long.

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