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Time’s Convert

I went to an author event for Time’s Convert, the next book in the All Souls world. Harkness said she didn’t want it to be called that because she doesn’t want to have to feel obligated to continue writing in that world. However, that’s what it is. Same characters, same world. I was under the assumption that the story would only be based on Marcus and his past but no! Happily, we also read the story of Phoebe’s transformation to a vampire and there is a story line that follows Diana and Matthew and the 2 year old twins as well. Hooray! I’m half way through and I’m really enjoying it.

If you’re on the waiting list for this book and need your fix of DOW, it’s the time of year for the real time reading of book one. You can read details on my blog post here. But basically, When events in the book happen on September 27 you read the chapters that correspond with those events on that day in 2018. It’s great. We’re only on chapter 13 so you have time to catch up. Here’s a great printable calendar with the dates (perhaps the wrong days of the week) and what chapters to read when.



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Lit Chat 11

I haven’t Lit Chatted in awhile! So here we go.

Do you gift books to people? What’s your favorite book to give?

I give books to specific people for almost every holiday. My best friend gets books for Christmas, her birthday and any other time I feel a book is needed. I give books I’ve recently read and loved or books I know she’ll like. I participated in a book swap recently where you were supposed to send one of your favorite books to a stranger. If we’re talking about gifting a favorite book to someone I don’t know I feel like these would be it.


Housewrights by Art Corriveau (my review)

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (my review)


Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (my review)

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion (thoughts on this book and other creative nonfiction)


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Lit Chat 10

I haven’t Lit Chatted in awhile! So here we go.

If you could be in a literary relationship who / where / what book?

I LOVE the All Souls trilogy. The first book is Discovery of Witches. I would most definitely be in a relationship in that book. I would be friends with Diana or BE Diana and be with Matthew. I love it. He’s possessive, yes, but it’s okay. I’d deal. It’s also a book I re-read every year in October for a real time reading i.e. the day the events are happening in the book is the day you read that chapter(s). This book is also a book I would love to see turned into a movie and IT IS! It’s becoming a tv series in England, hopefully coming to the US next year. So many feels towards this book.

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Boston Marathon

Now if you don’t live in Massachusetts the Boston Marathon might not be a big deal to you. In fact, it’s not really a big deal to me either. I get the day off work because barely anyone can make it to work with all the road closures. I’ve never gone to watch it before, but yesterday I just happened to catch it right when the winners were crossing the finish line. And let me tell you, an American woman won for the first time since 1985. Isn’t that amazing?? There were so many books coming out the past few months for kids about women runners in the marathon so I thought I’d share some of those now.


You Should Meet : Roberta Gibb (a ready-to-read level 3 title). There are so many other great You Should Meet titles also, so check those out if you like this one. Roberta, or Bobbi, Gibb was the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon. There’s also two picture book titles that came out the same month about her as well. Girl Running and The Girl Who Ran.

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There’s also this one. Admittedly, not about a woman.


Dream Big is the story of Dave McGillivray, the Boston Marathon race director. This is his story about becoming an athlete when you are small and everyone around you is big.

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Harry Potter 20th Anniv Editions

Honestly. Harry Potter has been out for 20 years? How is this possible? I love these books. People always say, oh well you probably love them because you read them when you were a kid. Which is true, sort of. I was in my mid teens actually. I started reading them when the first movie came out, which was about the time the fourth book was released (2001 ish). And the fourth book is my favorite, by the way. Anyway, Brian Selznick, of Hugo Cabret, Wonderstruck and the Marvels was asked to illustrate the 20th anniversary covers. He’s known for his black and white pencil drawings so I wasn’t super surprised by how they look. They are typical Selznick. But also beautiful. When you lay them all out the make a mural type illustration. Which is cool.


But I also like the paperback copies that when put together make a picture of Hogwarts on the spines. Since this is usually how they’ll be displayed (spine out) on a shelf I find that to be more practical than the way Selznick did it which is an image that’s put together when the covers facing up. But hey, it’s still cool.


Related post. Harry Potter is scary. Some kids aren’t ready. Don’t force them if you think they’re too young. They have all their lives to read them.

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Lit Chat 9

More Lit Chat!

What is the funniest book you’ve ever read? Did you truly LOL? Have you ever read a book that made you cry? Was it the book or your life?

25852870   book

These books made me lose it. I found them to be hysterical. I do know some people who did not like Eligible. They are typically those people who love Pride & Prejudice and didn’t like seeing it tainted in this way. I liked P&P, but I can’t say I’m a die hard or anything so I thought this re-telling was great. American Housewife is a short story collection and they were all spectacular and so funny. Super Southern. If you’ve lived in the South you’ll love them. Yes, I did truly LOL in both. I listened to Eligible and I remember being in my car crying / laughter so much I couldn’t see the road. It was the best.

15507958   22822858

Most of my cry books are cliché. Although I guess Eligible made me cry but not in the way I think the question means. Me Before You made me cry, you’ll know why if you’ve read it. A Little Life made me cry but it also made me very angry. Lastly, the Winter Street series by Elin Hildebrand. I love that family so much. They make me emotional. And Christmas. I love Christmas. That series is probably the only one that applies to the ‘was it your life’ question. Because Christmas books / movies / songs (anything really) make me cry. I love Christmas.


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Lit Chat 8

More Lit Chat! This is one I never would have thought of.


Would you ever write a book? Why? What would your pen name be?

I can answer these questions very quickly and definitely. I would never write a book. Ever. I am not creative enough. In fact, I wanted to be an editor before I landed on librarian but the way up to that position is typically starting as a journalist. And unless I was a sports journalist, where what I was meant to write was happening exactly, I would have failed. So no. No books. But, my pen name would be Jenny Rose. It kind of sounds like a romance author. Maybe I could be creative enough for romances…

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