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Lit Chat 11

I haven’t Lit Chatted in awhile! So here we go.

Do you gift books to people? What’s your favorite book to give?

I give books to specific people for almost every holiday. My best friend gets books for Christmas, her birthday and any other time I feel a book is needed. I give books I’ve recently read and loved or books I know she’ll like. I participated in a book swap recently where you were supposed to send one of your favorite books to a stranger. If we’re talking about gifting a favorite book to someone I don’t know I feel like these would be it.


Housewrights by Art Corriveau (my review)

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (my review)


Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (my review)

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion (thoughts on this book and other creative nonfiction)



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Lit Chat 10

I haven’t Lit Chatted in awhile! So here we go.

If you could be in a literary relationship who / where / what book?

I LOVE the All Souls trilogy. The first book is Discovery of Witches. I would most definitely be in a relationship in that book. I would be friends with Diana or BE Diana and be with Matthew. I love it. He’s possessive, yes, but it’s okay. I’d deal. It’s also a book I re-read every year in October for a real time reading i.e. the day the events are happening in the book is the day you read that chapter(s). This book is also a book I would love to see turned into a movie and IT IS! It’s becoming a tv series in England, hopefully coming to the US next year. So many feels towards this book.

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Lit Chat 9

More Lit Chat!

What is the funniest book you’ve ever read? Did you truly LOL? Have you ever read a book that made you cry? Was it the book or your life?

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These books made me lose it. I found them to be hysterical. I do know some people who did not like Eligible. They are typically those people who love Pride & Prejudice and didn’t like seeing it tainted in this way. I liked P&P, but I can’t say I’m a die hard or anything so I thought this re-telling was great. American Housewife is a short story collection and they were all spectacular and so funny. Super Southern. If you’ve lived in the South you’ll love them. Yes, I did truly LOL in both. I listened to Eligible and I remember being in my car crying / laughter so much I couldn’t see the road. It was the best.

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Most of my cry books are cliché. Although I guess Eligible made me cry but not in the way I think the question means. Me Before You made me cry, you’ll know why if you’ve read it. A Little Life made me cry but it also made me very angry. Lastly, the Winter Street series by Elin Hildebrand. I love that family so much. They make me emotional. And Christmas. I love Christmas. That series is probably the only one that applies to the ‘was it your life’ question. Because Christmas books / movies / songs (anything really) make me cry. I love Christmas.


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Lit Chat 8

More Lit Chat! This is one I never would have thought of.


Would you ever write a book? Why? What would your pen name be?

I can answer these questions very quickly and definitely. I would never write a book. Ever. I am not creative enough. In fact, I wanted to be an editor before I landed on librarian but the way up to that position is typically starting as a journalist. And unless I was a sports journalist, where what I was meant to write was happening exactly, I would have failed. So no. No books. But, my pen name would be Jenny Rose. It kind of sounds like a romance author. Maybe I could be creative enough for romances…

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Lit Chat 7

More Lit Chat! It’s something I’ve talked about a lot.

Do you listen to audio books? Why or why not? Who would you choose to narrate your favorite book?

I listen to audio books all the time! Since last August I’ve had an Audible account that I got on Amazon Prime Day. I love them. I’m in the car about an hour a day so I can whip through them pretty quickly. Right now I’m listening to Thunderhead, the second book in the Arc of a Scythe trilogy. Apparently I never wrote about book one, so I’ll do that soon. It’s very good. I listen to audio books because of my time in the car and because the narrators make the books feel more immersive. I often listen to audio books that are very long because I don’t like holding the real book or the book feels too daunting in it’s page length. As for who would narrate my favorite book, it would have to be Jim Dale. He is the best.


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Lit Chat 6

More Lit Chat! This is an interesting one.

If your favorite teacher were to visit your home what book would you want them to see on your coffee table? What book would they actually see?

My favorite teacher is Leslie Sheridan. She was my English teacher in high school. Her son was in my grade so she seemed very friendly with all of us because she saw us at extra curricular events and cheered for us outside of class. This made it seem to me like she really cared. I’m sure she made other grades feel this way as well, because she’s that sort of person, but it felt extra special to me. Anyway. I think I would want Mrs. Sheridan to see the complete works of Jane Austen on my coffee table.


What she would really see is what I’m reading right now and this book my husband has been reading since I met him. Literally. It has followed us through 5 moves and two states. For him, that book is Shakey : Neil Young’s Biography. Don’t ask me why. For me, that book is The Capsule Wardrobe : 1,000 Outfits from 30 Pieces. Neither of these are Jane Austen.. I do OWN all of Jane Austen though. So maybe I would just take her to my TV room which houses my bookcase where Jane Austen lives..

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Lit Chat 5

More Lit Chat! This is a good one. I had to go deep into my Goodreads shelves but I think I found my answers.

What book would you recommend for a broken heart? What book would you recommend to someone falling in love?

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Okay. I couldn’t decide between these two. I feel like Me Before You isn’t quite right because it could also be considered a falling in love book. Spoiler alert : I picked it because of the ending. Whatever happened to you in your break up can NOT be worse than what happens to Louisa. It has to make you feel better about your own break up. But leading up to the ending might make you feel worse. So then I thought maybe A Little Life would be a good choice because that whole book will make you feel better about your life. Everything in A Little Life is horrible. More horrible than any break up. THE WORST! It has to make you feel better about yourself. HAS TO.


One Day is such a falling in love book. It is not easy, it is not quick. It is real love spanning decades, fights, good and bad. I loved this book and the characters. I loved how real it was. It was made into a movie with Anne Hathaway! I never saw it, but if you have an enjoyed it let me know and I’ll check it out. Books you should not read when falling in love are true romance books. Do not read those. Because that is not how love works and you will just be sorely disappointed.

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