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Harry Potter 20th Anniv Editions

Honestly. Harry Potter has been out for 20 years? How is this possible? I love these books. People always say, oh well you probably love them because you read them when you were a kid. Which is true, sort of. I was in my mid teens actually. I started reading them when the first movie came out, which was about the time the fourth book was released (2001 ish). And the fourth book is my favorite, by the way. Anyway, Brian Selznick, of Hugo Cabret, Wonderstruck and the Marvels was asked to illustrate the 20th anniversary covers. He’s known for his black and white pencil drawings so I wasn’t super surprised by how they look. They are typical Selznick. But also beautiful. When you lay them all out the make a mural type illustration. Which is cool.


But I also like the paperback copies that when put together make a picture of Hogwarts on the spines. Since this is usually how they’ll be displayed (spine out) on a shelf I find that to be more practical than the way Selznick did it which is an image that’s put together when the covers facing up. But hey, it’s still cool.


Related post. Harry Potter is scary. Some kids aren’t ready. Don’t force them if you think they’re too young. They have all their lives to read them.


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The Rook by Daniel O’Malley


I just finished reading The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. I tried reading it ages ago and stopped. No idea why. Here is the premise. Myfanwy (like Tiffany with an M – don’t ask how I feel about that) wakes up in a field surrounded by dead people wearing latex gloves. It’s raining, and while she’s freaking out, she puts her hands in her pockets to warm up and finds a letter with the number 1 on it. In the letter, she tells herself that she lost her memory and she needs to either run or become her old self. Spoiler alert (not really, it happens in the first 20 pages) she chooses to become her old self who it turns out is a secret agent for England against fantasy villains (i.e. vampires, people with special powers, etc). There are 30+ other letters written to herself and to give her back story on her life. Through most of it she’s just trying to survive and figure out who killed her the first time. I liked it a lot. I did. But the ending was kind of drawn out. There is apparently a book two, but I probably won’t read it because this one wrapped up fairly nicely.

Side note, I was explaining to my husband what it was about and he said, “Oh it sounds like The Long Kiss Goodnight.” Which we watched last night. And it is nothing like that.

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Mary Poppins Trailer!

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Lit Chat 5

More Lit Chat! This is a good one. I had to go deep into my Goodreads shelves but I think I found my answers.

What book would you recommend for a broken heart? What book would you recommend to someone falling in love?

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Okay. I couldn’t decide between these two. I feel like Me Before You isn’t quite right because it could also be considered a falling in love book. Spoiler alert : I picked it because of the ending. Whatever happened to you in your break up can NOT be worse than what happens to Louisa. It has to make you feel better about your own break up. But leading up to the ending might make you feel worse. So then I thought maybe A Little Life would be a good choice because that whole book will make you feel better about your life. Everything in A Little Life is horrible. More horrible than any break up. THE WORST! It has to make you feel better about yourself. HAS TO.


One Day is such a falling in love book. It is not easy, it is not quick. It is real love spanning decades, fights, good and bad. I loved this book and the characters. I loved how real it was. It was made into a movie with Anne Hathaway! I never saw it, but if you have an enjoyed it let me know and I’ll check it out. Books you should not read when falling in love are true romance books. Do not read those. Because that is not how love works and you will just be sorely disappointed.

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Lit Chat 4

I’ve been slacking on my Lit Chat posts. Apparently once a week is too much for me. So maybe the prompts will last two years instead of one! 🙂

What book would you love to see as a movie or TV series? Pick your dream cast.


The Night Circus. I absolutely want The Night Circus to be a movie. Immediately. Or a TV series. I don’t care which. The movie rights were bought in 2011 by Summit Entertainment so it is possible, but it’s been over 7 years so… It is SO magical and there are so many scenes that are begging to be visualized on the screen. The tents alone could have their own episodes. I’m not so good with celebrities, I don’t watch many movies actually, so I can’t say who should be cast.

I could have also picked Discovery of Witches but that IS becoming a TV show. In fact, the wrapped this week I think. Here’s a quick 20 second trailer.


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Every Note Played


Every Note Played is the new Lisa Genova book. Lisa Genova of the Still Alice / Julianne Moore movie (and book). Her book Inside the O’Briens is also being made into a movie. I must admit I’ve read all her books – there are 4 before this one – except for Inside the O’Briens. I couldn’t handle the language. But I should try again.

Every Note Played was a great book and reacquainted me with my love for Genova. She is seriously amazing. She typically writes fiction books about a character with a medical issue. Still Alice was Alzheimers, Inside the O’Briens was Huntington’s and now Every Note Played is ALS. She’s so knowledgeable. Listen to this. “Lisa Genova graduated valedictorian, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Bates College with a degree in Biopsychology and has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Harvard University.” I mean honestly. Have you ever heard such a thing? Good Lord.

Anyway, Richard and Karina are the main characters of this new book. Newly divorced, they are both pianists who met at school and quickly married. At first Richard, the more famous of the two, thinks he just has tendinitis. He is then diagnosed with ALS and instead of telling anyone he goes into denial. By the time he loses both of his arms Karina has discovered and accepts the fact that he must come back and live at their family home. What follows is his quick decline and their changing relationship with each other and their 18 year old daughter. I didn’t know much about ALS, I’m not sure many do past the ice bucket challenge, and I learned so much. I highly recommend this poignant story. Also, I’ve read TWO books from my Netgalley before their publication date. It’s a record! Every Note Played will be released in March of 2018.

Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge : a book by or about someone with a disability

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New Wrinkle in Time Trailer

I posted the previous Wrinkle in Time trailer here and then my review of the book (which I just read a few months ago). Check out the new trailer!

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