The Dry by Jane Harper

I heard a lot about The Dry when it first came out. Then, when the second book came out heard a lot about it as well. I decided I should try out the series and read book one. Second books are rarely ever good. There are exceptions of course. Thunderhead, book two in the Scythe trilogy, was amazing. But typically, I’m not on board. So if the second book is also getting buzz, it must be a good series.

I did like this book a lot. I thought I knew who the killer was midway through, but I was wrong. It was a bit slow moving for a mystery, steady burn and all that. Similar to Tana French and In the Woods. I have book two, and I’m going to start it see what I think. Book one was connected to Aaron’s past and book two doesn’t seem to have that personal draw. So it will be interested to see how it flows.

Also, I think this will be the first book I could towards summer reading this year. Now that it’s past Memorial Day, I think it counts.


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Queen of Hearts


I liked this cover. That’s it. I picked it up because of the cover. I kept reading it because of the characters. Zadie and Emma are friends from the very beginning of medical school. They were roommates and hit it off. At the start of the book you know something happened to them in their past, specifically their third year of med school. You don’t know who did what or why. Most of the book is figuring out what the heck happened. There are flashbacks from present day to med school that reveal bits and pieces as you go along. I love flashback books and multiple POV books. You get the perspective of Zadie and Emma, which is very helpful when things start going down. I liked it but I must say, I loved the characters so much I was a bit disappointed in the ending. One of them seemed to change so much and the other kind of laid down and took it. I didn’t feel like that was true to what I’d read about them throughout the beginning of book. But, I ended up liking it nonetheless. Great read, and good audio. Having listened and read, I can say that listening was much easier because each of the two characters had a different person reading. So you could tell when it was a Zadie chapter and when it was an Emma chapter. In the book, it wasn’t quite as obvious. Great summer reading (not fluff) and Modern Mrs. Darcy agrees because it’s on her Summer Reading Guide.

Popsugar 2018 Reading Challenge : a book that’s published in 2018



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All We Ever Wanted

And I’m back in the game! (90s movies, anyone?)


While I was on vacation (which was great) I finished this book. I like Emily Giffin. I never got in to her Something Borrowed books, but I did read her other books Where We Belong, Heart of the Matter, and The One & Only. So I like her. I received this book from Netgalley and didn’t remember what it was about when I first started reading. I was a little put off by the conflict the book centers around, because it’s such a hot button issue in culture today. However, I think Giffin did a good job talking about it. She let all the characters have a POV chapter so you could see it from different angles without feeling like she was hitting you over the head with her morals. Very good book. Quick read. Not fluff, but definitely a summer read. It’s even on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer List, so she agrees. This book will be released June 26, 2018.

Popsugar 2018 Reading Challenge : a book with song lyrics in the title (YouTube video here)

Popsugar 2018 Reading Challenge : a book about a problem facing society today (from the advanced challenge)


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The Wedding Date

Apparently I jumped the gun on my vacation post. Because I just finished this book and it was so cute so I wanted to write and tell you about it.


I was first attracted to this book because I love the movie with Debra Messing and Durmot Mulroney. It is not that movie. Alexa and Drew meet in a stuck elevator. Cliché, yes. But it worked in this book. They don’t have sex, they don’t do anything romantic, they just have a funny conversation. He then asks if she’ll be his date for the wedding of his x. She agrees and they have a great time. Then comes the romantic things. But it’s a normal relationship. It doesn’t immediately work and all is not fine and perfect. I appreciated that Guillory portrayed a long distance relationship so well. The characters were real and their relationship didn’t read like a perfectly tied bow. She added in some current news topics by making the characters a white man and black woman and also added in some political things by making Alexa the mayor’s chief of staff. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. There are a lot of F bombs though. While that may be normal conversation for some, it was too much for my liking.

It’s on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer List, so she agrees that it’s a good one.

BookRiot 2018 Read Harder Challenge : a romance novel by or about a person of color

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I was on vacation. And now I’m going on another vacation. As a children’s librarian I don’t really get a summer vacation. Summer is our busy time. So I’ll see you at the end of May and I will tell you about all the books I read when I get back.

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Tell Me More


I know who Kelly Corrigan is. I’ve avoided her other books because I knew they were sad. I though this one was going to be different, more self-help ish. It’s not. If you don’t like sad books, do not read this. Tell Me More is about 12 phrases we should learn to say more such as, tell me more, yes, no, I don’t know and I was wrong. When talking about these phrases she weaves in stories about her own life when she had to use them. For example, when she yelled at her daughter for not flushing the toilet after her dog ate her poop. Yes, really. Turns out it was her other daughter’s fault and she had to say I was wrong. That story was funny. Most of the other stories, not so much. This woman has been surrounded by cancer. Who hasn’t seen cancer these days, you ask. I agree. But Kelly, she had cancer herself, her best friend died from a horrific cancer that she had for years, and her father died from cancer while she had her own cancer. I can’t. It’s too much. It’s the same reason I don’t watch the news. I find sadness to be debilitating. I will cry in my bed for hours over these people that I’ve never met. And then my husband will look at me like I’m insane, and I probably am. Although I enjoyed this book a lot, I will now forever steer clear of Kelly Corrigan no matter what I think the book is about.

Modern Mrs. Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge : a book of poetry, a play, or an essay collection (they call them stories in the subtitle but I’m ok with categorizing them as essays)

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Boston Marathon

Now if you don’t live in Massachusetts the Boston Marathon might not be a big deal to you. In fact, it’s not really a big deal to me either. I get the day off work because barely anyone can make it to work with all the road closures. I’ve never gone to watch it before, but yesterday I just happened to catch it right when the winners were crossing the finish line. And let me tell you, an American woman won for the first time since 1985. Isn’t that amazing?? There were so many books coming out the past few months for kids about women runners in the marathon so I thought I’d share some of those now.


You Should Meet : Roberta Gibb (a ready-to-read level 3 title). There are so many other great You Should Meet titles also, so check those out if you like this one. Roberta, or Bobbi, Gibb was the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon. There’s also two picture book titles that came out the same month about her as well. Girl Running and The Girl Who Ran.

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There’s also this one. Admittedly, not about a woman.


Dream Big is the story of Dave McGillivray, the Boston Marathon race director. This is his story about becoming an athlete when you are small and everyone around you is big.

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